Skin Depth Calculator

Go through this handy and free online skin depth calculator tool that calculates the skin depth based on the conductive material being used and the frequency of the signal. To use this tool, you need to give the resistivity, relative permeability, and frequency and then tap the calculate button.

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What is Skin Depth?

Skin Depth is nothing but when AC Current is passing in a conductor current density is higher at the surface of the conductor and decreases exponentially as the distance from the surface is increased. This effect increases with the frequency. As the frequency is the main root for skin depth if the frequency raises the current flow passes through the surface.

Skin Depth is referred to the point at which the current density approaches 37% approximately of this value at the conductor surface.

Skin Depth

Formula for Skin Depth

Here we are going to look into the formula for skin depth, i.e., skin depth in a micrometer will be equal to the square root of resistivity in micro ohm and it will be divided by the relative permeability and the permeability. And here, as you can see the constant of permeability is 4π*10-7.

Formula of skin Depth


  • δ = Skin depth;
  • ρ = The resistivity of the conductor;
  • f = frequency of the AC signal;
  • μo = Permeability of free space = 4π * 10-7 H/m
  • μr — Relative magnetic permeability.

Applications of Skin Depth

  • Skin depth is a suitable way of identifying the region of conductor in which the majority current flow.
  • Using a wire is not necessary with a radius that is outstandingly larger than the skin depth, because most of the current flows in skin depth.
  • Skin concept might be better understandable with the help of real world example.
  • Consider RF signals for WiFi or Bluetooth, which operate at 2.4 GHz which means that even with a very thin wire is carrying a significant amount of current. 

Steps for Calculating Skin Depth

To further understand the concept and the calculation of skin depth, go through these guidelines that are given below.

  • Consider the values that are given in the problem.
  • Then, apply the formula.
  • Finally, get the answer by substituting and simplifying.

How to Find Skin Depth?


Question: If the copper conductor carries a 56kHz frequency. Copper has relativity permeability(μr) as constant value = 0.999991 and resistivity (ρ) = 1.78 μm. Find the skin depth?


Given values are,

Relativity permeability (μr)= 0.999991

resistivity (ρ) = 1.77 μm

μo = Permeability of free space = 4π * 10-7 H/m

Apply the formula,

δ = √[ρ / (π * f * μo * μr)]

 = √1.77/3.14*56*0.999991*12.56*10-7

= 2973.09 µΩ

Therefore the value of skin depth for copper is 2973.09 µΩ.

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FAQs on Skin Depth Calculator

1. How is skin depth calculated easily?

Skin depth can be calculated by using the formula, δ = √[ρ / (π * f * μo * μr)].

2. How to use this skin depth calculator?

Simply provide the required inputs in the input fields and click on the calculate button that gives you instant results.

3. What is the best tool to calculate skin depth?

Skin depth calculator is the best online tool that helps you to calculate skin depth.

4. What is skin depth?

Skin effect is an alternating current does not flow uniformly to the cross section of an element.