Hohmann Transfer Calculator

Make use of this Hohmann transfer calculator tool that determines the transfer trajectory requiring the minimum amount of propellent and also we will find the characteristics of Hohmann transfer. All you need to do is give the input parameters in the input fields and click on the calculate button.

Hohmann Transfer Calculator: Looking for some assistance to calculate the Hohmann transfer? If so, you came to the right place as we are explaining the complete information about the Hohmann transfer. Using this calculator can save your time and effort and you will easily know the concept in detail. Here we also explained the step-by-step process, of how to calculate Hohmann transfer without any errors and definitions, formulas, and many others.

What is Meant by Hohmann Transfer?

It is the system of firing rockets that physicists use to move a spacecraft into a different altitude of the orbit called Hohmann transfer. This was invented by a German scientist in 1925. If you understand the broader principle of orbital mechanics then you will understand how Hohmann transfer works.

In Mathematics, orbital mechanics is a term by which the spaceship changes orbit. Objects that are in orbit are closer to the object and they will travel fast around it. For example, the earth orbiting the sun.

Steps to Calculate Hohmann Transfer

Here are simple steps to calculate the Hohmann transfer easily and quickly by hand. Check out the steps below.

  • Consider the values that are given in the problem.
  • Apply the formula type of Hohmann transfer.
  • Finally, get the result easily.

How to Calculate Hohmann Transfers?


Kepler's third law, T ? a3/2, can be used to calculate the time required to traverse a Hohmann trajectory by raising the ratio of 3/2 power with the semimajor axis of the elliptical Hohmann orbit to the circular radius of the Earth's orbit and dividing by two.


Suppose, travel time of earth mars trip T and the semimajor axis of hohmann ecllipse b.

b = (1 AU + 1.5 AU)/2 = 1.25 AU

T = 0.5 (b / 1 AU)3/2 years

= ~0.7 years

= ~8.4 months

Therefore the time for the Hohmann transfer value is approximately 8.4 months.

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FAQs on Hohmann Transfer Calculator

1. How does Hohmann Transfer Work?

Hohmann transfer works by firing the rocket engines once at a certain point in the lower orbits.

2. How to use the Hohmann Transfer calculator?

Hohmann Transfer calculator can be used by simply giving the inputs in the input fields and clicking on the calculate button. So that you will get the answer easily.

3. What is the best tool to calculate Hohmann transfer?

Hohmann transfer calculator is the best tool to calculate the Hohmann transfer.