Heat Capacity Calculator

The Heat Capacity Calculator is a free online tool that shows the material's heat capacity. This tool speeds up the calculation by displaying the heat capacity in a matter of seconds.

Heat Capacity Calculator: The heat capacity of an object is normally measured in joules or calories, and the temperature is measured in Kelvin or Celsius. We've got you taken care properly. Continue reading to learn about heat capacity's definition, units, and formula. Heat capacity also known as thermal capacity.

What is Heat Capacity? | Heat Capacity Formula

The amount of heat required to raise an object's temperature by one degree is known as heat capacity. The temperature, condition, and performance of the job all vary as a result of heat gain or loss. Heat is a form of energy transfer.

The heat capacity formula is defined as the product of mass, specific heat, and temperature change, which is stated mathematically as:Q = mCΔT

  • Q be the heat capacity measured in Joules.
  • m be the mass measured in grams
  • c be the specific heat of an object measured in J/g °C
  • ΔT is the change in the temperature can measured in °C

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Formula for Heat Capacity

The heat capacity of a substance is defined in physics as the amount of heat it absorbs when the temperature rises. When heat is lost, the temperature of the substance lowers as well. It denotes heat gain or loss that is proportionate to the temperature. The formula for heat capacity is as follows:

Heat Capacity, C = ΔQ /ΔT


  • The quantity of heat required is denoted by ΔQ.
  • The temperature change is represented by ΔT.

FAQs on Heat Capacity Calculator

1. What is the definition of heat capacity?

A body heat capacity (or thermal capacity) is the amount of heat required to increase its temperature by one degree.

2. Is heat capacity a intensive or extensive property?

The heat capacity of a body is a wide property that is determined by its mass, or amount of stuff. Specific heat capacity, on the other hand, is a time-consuming property.

3. What is the formula for calculating Heat Capacity?

The formula for calculating Heat Capacity is C = ΔQ /ΔT.

4. Why does Water have a massive heat capacity?

The presence of hydrogen bonding between water molecules accounts for its high heat capacity. The hydrogen bonds are broken by a substantial quantity of heat applied to water.