Cloud Base Calculator

To rapidly determine the cloud base altitude and temperature, use our free Cloud Base Calculator tool. Simply enter the temperature, dew point, and elevation information, then press the calculate button to get the results in seconds.

Cloud Base Calculator: Using this Cloud Base Calculator, you may calculate the temperature of clouds in a day under certain meteorological circumstances, as well as the distance between the earth's surface and the cloud. To determine the cloud base altitude and temperature, follow the following methods. In the sections below, we've included calculations and examples of cloud temperature questions.

What is Cloud Temperature? | Cloud Altitude Formula

The lowest altitude of the visible component of the cloud is the cloud's base. The following are the cloud base calculator's parameters

Air Temperature: A conventional thermometer can be used to measure the temperature in the air.

Dew Point: The temperature at which water condenses at the same height above sea level as the air temperature is known as the dew point.

Elevation: This is the altitude above sea level at which you must take all of your measurements.

The following are the formulas for calculating cloud base altitude and cloud temperature cloud base altitude = (temperature - dew point)/4.4 * 1000 + elevation

cloud temperature = temperature - 5.4 * (cloud base - elevation)

How to Calculate Temperature of Clouds?

The steps to determine the cloud base altitude and temperature for the given weather circumstances are as follows. Take a look at it and follow the instructions to acquire the desired outcomes quickly.

  • Step 1: Subtract the temperature from the dew point.
  • Step 2: Multiply the value by 1000 after dividing it by 4.4.
  • Step 3: To acquire the cloud base altitude value, add elevation to the product.
  • Step 4: Subtract the cloud base elevation and multiply it by 5.4.
  • Step 5: To get the cloud temperature, subtract the temperature from the product once again.

Cloud Base and Cloud Temperature Examples

Question 1: If the temperature is 35°C and the dew point is 55°C, calculate the cloud base and cloud temperature.



Temperature = 35°C

Dew point = 55°C

elevation = 0

cloud base altitude = (temperature - dew point)/4.4 * 1000 + elevation

cloud base altitude = (35 - 55)/4.4 * 1000 + 0

= -20/4.4 * 1000

= -4545.45

cloud temperature = temperature - 5.4 * (cloud base - elevation)

cloud temperature = 35 - 5.4 * (-4545.45 - 0)

= 35 - 5.4 * -4545.45

= 35 + 24545.43

= 24580.43

Hence, the cloud temperature is 24580.43°C, cloud base altitude is -4545.45°C.

FAQs on Cloud Base and Cloud Temperature

1. What is Cloud Base?

The height of the lowest visible component of a cloud over an airfield is known as cloud base.

2. What is Cloud Ceiling?

The cloud ceiling is the height of the lowest cloud layer's base above the ground or water.

3. What is the Cloud Base Calculator and how can I utilise it?

Cloud Base: The lowest border of a cloud system or a cloud is referred to as the cloud base. To acquire the cloud base height and cloud temperature values at the output section in a short period of time, enter data such as temperature and dew point into the calculator and push the blue colour to compute button.

4. What is the cloud base calculation formula?

Cloud base = (temperature - dew point)/4.4 * 1000 + elevation is the formula for calculating cloud base altitude. Where, The amount of heat or cold measured on a thermometer is called temperature. The dew point is the temperature below which air must be chilled to achieve saturation.

5. What is the difference between a cloud base and a cloud ceiling?

The cloud base over an airfield is the height of the cloud's lowest visible section. The height of the base of the lowest layer of cloud above the ground or water is called the cloud ceiling. Regardless of sky coverage, the cloud base is the cloud's lowest surface level. If cloud coverage equals ceiling, then the cloud base, independent of the bottom margin, is the same as the ceiling.