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Alien Civilization Calculator is one of the most useful tools for calculating the number of alien civilizations in our galaxy. The solution can be found using either the Darke equation or the Astro-biological Copernican Limits technique.

Alien Civilization Calculator: Access the Alien Civilization Calculator to estimate the number of alien civilizations. So, use the versatile and free calculator that is offered here. Learn about the Drake equation, the astrobiological Copernican, and how to calculate the number of active extraterrestrial civilizations in simple stages.

How to use the Alien Civilization Calculator?

Choose a model, fill in all of the fields in the Model assumptions section, then read the results at the end. The Drake equation and the Astrobiological Copernican Limits are used in our tool to calculate the number of sophisticated civilizations with whom we might be able to contact in the future.

These two methods require different inputs and have different levels of uncertainty. The Astrobiological Copernican Limits formula is more reliable because it is much more recent. Regardless, make sure to have a look at both of them.

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The Astrobiological Copernican

Modern version of drake equation can describe weak and Strong Limits for Extra-terrestrial Intelligent Life in Copernican Astrobiology.

The equation for the Astrobiological Copernican Principle is N = (N*)*fL*fHZ*fM*(L/T')

  • Where, N is the galaxy's total number of intelligent and communicative civilizations.
  • N* is the galaxy's total number of stars.
  • L be the average lifespan of a technologically advanced, communicable civilisation.
  • fHZ is the fraction of stars that have a suitable planet for life to exist on.
  • fL be the percentage of stars that are at least 5 billion years old
  • fM is the percentage of stars for which there is a sufficient number of mental resources allowing the formation of advanced biology and communicable civilization
  • T' be the time in which life could exist

Drake Equation

The Drake equation calculates the number of active alien civilizations.The most prevalent method for calculating the number of communicable civilizations in our universe uses a simple formula that involves only a few parameters being multiplied.

The formula of Drake equation is N = (R*) * fp* ne * fl* fs* ft* L

  • R* is the average rate of star formation in the space
  • Ne is the average number of hospitable planets per star

Probability of Aliens Existing Within a Short Distance from Earth

We can assess the possibility of an alien civilisation at closer distances using conclusions from the Drake equation or Astrological Copernical Limits.

To calculate the likelihood, it uses the cylinder's volume and the space's maximum volume. Its formulas go something like this:

P = Vsearch/Vmax

  • Where, The search space volume is referred to as Vsearch.
  • The maximum volume is Vmax.
  • The probability of distance is denoted by the letter P.

Furthermore, if we can leave Earth, what prevents more advanced aliens from coming to see us? Some individuals believe they have already visited us and assisted us in the creation of stunning structures that are far too enormous, heavy, or intricate to be the work of human hands.

Scientists are unsure how these buildings were constructed, but they are certain that thousands of human hands were involved.

Alien Civilization Calculator

FAQs on Alien Civilization Calculator

1. What about the drake equation and its formula?

The Drake equation is a probabilistic formula for estimating the number of active, communicative extra-terrestrial civilizations in our galaxy.The formula of Drake equation is N = (R*) * fp* ne * fl* fs* ft* L

2. Were there aliens on the planet?

When we first got to the Moon and subsequently Mars, it became evident that humans can go to other planets.

3. What is the Alien Civilization Calculator's purpose?

To calculate the number of sophisticated civilizations, the Alien Civilization Calculator uses the Drake equation or the Astrobiological Copernican Limits model.